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Akbar Aslam - Albatross - AAWC 1383

Akbar Aslam - Albatross - AAWC 1383

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Product Type: Unstitched

Net Embroidered Hand-Embellished Front Panel 6

Net Embroider Back Panel 6

Organza Embroidered Hand Embellished Front Border 2 Yards

Organza Embroidered Back Border 2 Yards

Net Embroidered Hand-Embellished Front Blouse 26"

Net Embroidered Back Blouse 26"

Net Embroidered Sleeve 26"

Net Embroidered Dupatta 2.5 Yards

Organza Embroidered Dupatta Border 2.5 Yards

Organza Embroidered Another Dupatta Border 5.5 Yards

Russian Grip Inner 5.5 Yards

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