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Akbar Aslam - Florican - AAWC 1386

Akbar Aslam - Florican - AAWC 1386

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Product Type: Unstitched

Net Embroidered Hand-Embellished Front Panel 6

Net Embroider Back Panel 6

Organza Embroidered Hand Embellished Front Border 2 Yards

Organza Embroidered Back Border 2 Yards

Net Embroidered Hand-Embellished Front Blouse 26"

Net Embroidered Back Blouse 26"

Net Embroidered Hand Embellished Sleeve 26"

Organza Embroidered Hand Embellished Sleeve Border 1 Yard

Net Embroidered Dupatta 2.5 Yards

Cotton Silk Inner 5.5 Yards

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