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Design 09 La Molene

Design 09 La Molene

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Product Type: Unstitched

Fabric: Dulex Karandi

Embroidered Front Center (Dulex Karandi) 1-Pc
Embroidered Front Left (Dulex Karandi) 1-Pc
Embroidered Front Right (Dulex Karandi) 1-Pc
Embroidered Back (Dulex Karandi) 1 Mtr
Embroidered Sleeves (Dulex Karandi) 21"
Embroidered Hem Border (Organza) 1.53 Mtr
Embroidered Sleeve border (Velvet) 1.07 Mtr
Plain Trousers (Dulex Karandi) 2.5 Mtr
Embroidered Shawl (Velvet) 2.30 Mtr
Embroidered Shawl Pallu (Velvet) 2-Pc

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